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Kimberly Oliver


Kimberly has been in ministry for over 20 years and spent 15 of those years in full time ministry. She graduated from JSMI Bible Institute, Crowley Tx in 1999.

She found her passion for the Lord and committed her life to love the lost back to Jesus. Authenticity is her gift and leading people to a real life with God is her passion. 

She is a Market Place minister with a 15 year career in Real Estate. She is a published author and is currently in the process of writing a book entitled “Naked and Unashamed”. Kimberly is a gifted public speaker and has spoken at events and conferences world-wide. 

She has two sons and is currently raising her 4 year old grandson, Brock. 

Kimberly’s passion is to see women become all that God created them to be and to help them live their Kingdom Purposes on this earth.

Follow her hashtag on Facebook and Instagram #DoingLifeWithKiki